About Us


Sara Partee (CEO) earned a Master of Science degree in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics from Iowa State University. Her research was on X-ray diffraction of a single crystal of TbPd2Si2. In addition to single-crystal experiments, she has experience with Laue photography, microscopy and powder diffraction analysis for sample characterization. As an undergraduate, Sara studied effects of turbulance mixing in a low-density jet with Schlieren photography, solving fundamental issues with chemical vapor deposition.

Sara's ongoing interest in Laue, Schlieren and visible photography led to the creation of Steel City Optronics. Sara and her team at SCO have since amassed experience and a portfolio of products in niche opto-electronics technologies. Her process background has resulted in a corporate culture of rigorous science and meticulous documentation.

Sara is Phi Beta Kappa, National Commended Scholar, Presidential Scholar, Honeywell Scholar and an Academic All-American. She speaks Spanish and Amharic.